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Latest News:

2012- I’M NOT HER was a double RITA finalist for Best YA and Best First Book!

2013- April 23, 2013- Release Date for HOW I LOST YOU!


June 2014- 16 Things I Thought Were True chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection



March 28- Book Signing 1-3pm at Indigo Cross Iron Mills Calgary for THE MERMAID KINGDOM SERIES

April 7- Release Date for THE TRUTH ABOUT US

April 22- Presenter at the Foothill Young Authors Conference

May 15- Book Launch for THE TRUTH ABOUT US at Owl’s Nest Book Store in Calgary at 7pm



Flynn comes from a different economic class, and as the couple learns to overcome the challenges that are brought about by the gap in their relative statuses, Jess becomes a more developed and well-rounded character. Other subplots, such as her family recovering from an accident, add depth. This title will pair well with Simon Elkeles’s Perfect Chemistry (Walker, 2008), another story dealing with building strong emotional relationships with people who come from vastly different backgrounds. VERDICT A tender, layered romance. —School Library Journal

“A colorful cast of secondary characters beg for more page time. Touching on all kinds of topics, from homelessness, absent parents, and girls and boys clamoring for attention for all the wrong reasons to the ever-present theme of the haves-vs.-the have nots, The Truth About Us shows many different truths and calls readers to examine themselves, as well as root for Jess and Flynn.” —Voya Review 4Q 4P

“I do really feel like (Gurtler’s) writing and characterization is just getting stronger with time. In The Truth About Us, Janet Gurtler once again tackles some heavier topics, but does so in a non-dramatic way that keeps the book feeling pretty fluffy and approachable. With good characters, fantastic arcs, and diversity, The Truth About Us is a delightful contemporary read.” —YA BOOKS CENTRAL




"A Twitter-obsessed teen gets some real friends in this appealing story about family and friendship . . . Well done, sensitive and real." - Kirkus

"[A] romantic road-trip story . . . [with a] theme that one's expectations rarely match up with life's realities. " —Publishers Weekly

"Peppering her prose with tweets and texts, Gurtler contrasts the quick appeal of casual online friendships with the lasting satisfaction of giving the same attention to real relationships...Morgan's emotional journey is nonetheless an honest one." —Booklist

Gr 7 Up-Poignant and heartbreaking story of love, loss, regret, and viral videos. This delightful fast read will keep fans of realistic romantic fiction rapidly turning the pages to see if Morgan and her friends will truly get their happily ever afters. The romance is sweet and chaste, which makes this a perfect read for younger teens, and the heartbreaking reveal at the end will definitely make readers reach for the Kleenex… a story that will tug at their heartstrings as well as provide some chuckles won't be disappointed. For those who want some melancholy in their road-trip romances. —School Library Journal



Fall 2013- HOW I LOST YOU selected as a Canadian Children's Book Center, Best Book for Teens


The novel explores female friendships in a thought-provoking way. The paintball plotline adds a unique angle, as does the presence of a third close friend who happens to be a guy. There's no hurt quite like best friend hurt, and that's something Gurtler captures well. —Booklist

"The all-too-relatable tale of two inseparable best friends, Grace and Kya, as they struggle when their relationship begins to fall apart. It's a cute summer read, perfect for any girl who's faced tough times with her own BFF." —Entertainment Weekly

"Gurtler gracefully negotiates the powerful emotions that accompany a changing friendship and brings the game of paintball to life with fascinating detail. Readers . . . will understand the difficulty of moving on from a toxic relationship that once felt like it would last forever." —Publishers Weekly

"This is a relatable story about nurturing a friendship, and it's not every day that teens will have the chance to read about paintballing. The lesson that Grace learns is a good one, and the strong female characters are a plus. " —School Library Journal



Gurtler demonstrates sensitivity toward her characters and insight into their emotional responses . . . the characters breathe with life." —Kirkus

"Readers . . . will be immersed in her unique and disconcerting situation and will be absorbed in her struggle for personal redemption, self-acceptance, and hope." —School Library Journal

"Without excess heavy-handedness, Gurtler weaves a tale of collective responsibility as several teens reflect on their actions that one fateful night. A well-crafted story about a student's fight to feel normal again when a community of peers turns on her." —Booklist



"Gurtler handles complex issues of race, identity, friendship and fidelity with laugh-out-loud humor and engaging frankness...but once you're in you won't regret it..." - RT Book Reviews

"Gurtler unabashedly tackles several sensitive topics without sacrificing the story line and constructs a beautiful paradox by making the burden of carrying a secret the factor that enables Jaz to face her outcast fear. This novel also addresses the pressure students feel to fit in and encourages them to stay true to themselves. Sometimes we just need to hear that it's OK to be different." —Booklist

"...pretty much perfect. It's not too heavy, but not too light. It touches on a lot of realistic life issues and has true life lessons. It's got just the right amount of drama and romance. It moves at a wonderful pace and it will keep you glued to the pages...I'd recommend this to teens and adults alike. LOVED IT!" —Sarah's Book Reviews

"Plenty of drama-filled subplots will keep readers frantically turning the pages and romance fans will appreciate the sweet relationship with Jackson. Some plot resolutions feel convenient and constant references to race do the narrative a disservice at times, but Jaz's voice feels authentic and teens straddling two cultures will likely relate to her experience." —VOYA

"Believable dialogue and attractive secondary characters…may appeal to teen readers that want more than a touch of conflict stirred into a simmering romance." —Kirkus Reviews



"...powerful... A gripping read, Gurtler allows real life to prevail, avoiding the all-too-easy, "after-school special" ending many writers might have chosen. Major characters are well-developed, and even adults are portrayed in a realistic, although not always positive, light." —VOYA

"Rich in characterization, Gurtler's novel wrestles with some serious issues and explores different means of coping (or escaping) yet manages not to be overwhelming or bleak. Just right for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult, this is a strong debut that attempts to answer the question, What does it really mean to live?" —Booklist

"Cute and quirky, with sentimentality reminiscent of Judy Blume, this is a book for the keeper shelf - one that readers will devour again and again!" —RT Book Reviews

"...a story that is nothing but completely real, giving you an honest look at the life of a teenage girl... [you] will find yourself inspired." —Girl's Life