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Hello. It's Me. Janet the Writer.

It's been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post as Janet Gurtler, the writer. I mean, that's me, that's my name and who I am, but I also mean that I lost my old Janet Gurtler author website somewhere out there in website purgatory. So those words are languishing around, gone and forgotten. But that's okay. Because here we are now. And new words are being written. Have been written. Embracing the writer me again, that's what I am doing. And here we are now. Hello from the other side.

I don't have anything incredible to reveal on this fine day in October 2021. I did finish a new YA book early this year and it's out on submission. I like it, kind of a Sliding Doors style romance for teens. Lighter than the contemporary fiction that I've had published in the past, but a good romance, I think. Let's hope a publisher out there agrees so it will become a real book! Crossing all the fingers and toesies and calling on all my angels for help. I'll keep you posted if it works.

The last book of fiction I had published was in 2015, The Truth About Us. It was the last book I wrote on contract with Sourcebooks, and it came out just as I lost my big brother, Ian, who was only 11 months older than me. As in he passed away. It was a hard time, he was a beautiful soul and he is greatly missed. I had trouble writing for awhile after, and then my son was busy being a teenager, and it became even harder for me to write contemporary YA fiction, because I was LIVING it, only as the parent. I have to say, there were times when it was just as tough being the parent of a teen as it was BEING a teen. But that's also another story for another day. And we made it through and now my teen is a young adult and he's kicking butt and finding his way in life. So yay. And now. I'm writing again.

I did edit a great book in 2020, but it came out just as the world was being introduced to that pandemic. You know the one. The pandemic. Not the book.

I am going to talk more on this blog about the book, YOU TOO? but not today. Today is for saying hello. Just like Adele, but not at all like Adele because I am older, poorer, heavier, Canadian and I can't sing.

I do have a newish love in my life since I last had a book come out. Her name is Betty White, and she is a British Cream Golden Retriever.

As Sawetee would say. She's my best friend. She's a real bad bitch. Bruce, the fat chihuahua is still around too. He's now 15 and he sleeps alot. (Can you blame him) He wears diapers and can't hear, but he still loves a good pizza or taco night. Betty, FYI, eats dog food. And takes me for a long daily walk. But they each have their own place in my family's heart.

So, this is it. The new webpage, that still needs lots of work. Kind of like me.

Chow for now.


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