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Time Flies

Exactly one year since my last post. Wtf. I guess it's because it's outdated. Blogs is outdated. I'm outdated. I should be tik toking. Instagraming. Creating a better profile. There's so much I could be doing, and so much I don't want to do.

I mean. Shit. I write stuff. I love writing stuff. I've loved having books published and having people like them. Even having people hate them isn't so bad if they're buying books. That's the part that's really hard about being an author. Getting people to buy your books. It kind of sucks really, unless you're great at promotion, or happen to get lucky or happen to be a top tier writing talent. Middling is hard. Falling down from the middle is harder.

I have a new book that I'm going to be offering soon. A YA. I'm also working on the women's fiction book. It has a really strong start lol. I just need to get to the middle and the end. I have been writing. It just looks different than it did in the past. I miss being an author.

Today is February 27, 2023. A lot changed in a year. I have a new job. I've had lots of jobs lately. Also, I lost my mom. That was the big one. The biggest.

I miss my mom. It was a long hard passing for her, and it will take time to deal with all of the emotions and feelings and fall out of losing her. I guess at some point, all of us, every one of us will lose our mom. Unless she loses us first. Which is probably worse. For the mom.

Grieving is a work in progress. I am trying to honor it. To honor her memory. To try and live with positivity. Heather was a good egg. She lived a good life. She was smart and kind and loved a good laugh.

I'm a work in progress too. An old piece of work, but work nonetheless. I've been writing. Mostly to myself. But fiction too. And yes. I am working on myself as well. Sometimes it feels like I take a couple of those steps forward, and then take a couple back. Sometimes it feels really slow.

I've got some things to improve. Self improvement. Self care. Self love. My biggest cheerleader is looking down on me now. No one will love you like your mom does. I miss her.

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