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Picture of book. I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler

I’M NOT HER by Janet Gurtler

...Tess's transformation is subtle, believable, and satisfying...


The author seamlessly develops complexity in all of the characters as they all respond differently to their grief...

Tess's journey is both rewarding and painful as she develops the courage to stand up to her parents to break them out of their denial and she begins to appreciate her own beauty and strength...


This quick and heartbreaking read realistically shows how one person's illness affects an entire community.


—Rachael Myers-Ricker, Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY

School Library Journal 

YOU TOO Edited by Janet Gurtler

Crystal Kite Award Finalist Gurtler has gathered 25 people willing to share their experiences with sexual harassment, rape, and sexual assault... 


Many essayists provide facts about the subject at hand and disprove the beliefs of critics and skeptics. Each of the featured narratives will have varying levels of impact...

VERDICT A timely and important essay collection that deserves a spot on library shelves.


School Library Journal 

How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler


Janet Gurtler gives her readers a book which explores teen friendship with its touching and intimate moments as well as its misunderstandings and conflicts. 


How I Lost You will have great appeal for its target audience of teenage girls and will give them a look at the ups and downs of friendship and an understanding that even the closest of friends sometimes remain important to us for only a time and then we must move on. 

Highly Recommended. 


Ann Ketcheson, 

CM Magazine

MERMAID KINGDOM  by Janet Gurtler


Three young mermaids work hard to keep their friendships strong against a tidal wave of drama, secrets and envy. Whether it is navigating changing friendships, dealing with family loss or simply finding out who you are, being 12 is difficult...


 While the stories touch on some difficult issues, the tone is, overall, lighthearted. Social drama, fashion and mermaid magic will keep sparkle-happy readers entertained. But an emphasis on friendship, loyalty and kindness gives the stories some substance.


Brightly colored illustrations of frolicking mermaids pepper the text. A new underwater series for fans of My Little Pony and like uncomplicated fare. 


#16 Things I Thought Were True, by Janet Gurtler


A Twitter-obsessed teen gets some real friends in this appealing story about family and friendship. ..


Each character has distinct flaws, including Morgan and both her parents, giving the book a psychologically realistic flavor.



Well done, sensitive and real. 

Kirkus Reviews


WHO I KISSED by Janet Gurtler

."Gurtler demonstrates sensitivity toward her characters and insight into their emotional responses . . . the characters breathe with life." - Kirkus Reviews

"The interactions and complicated relationships after a friend's death make Who I Kissed a fascinating story. The reader will be rooting for Samantha to forgive herself." - Live to Read

"It's a story that includes first kisses, the first kisses you wish you got, new romances, hope, hate, bullies, crushes, family relationships, and so much more. Most importantly it's book about forgiving and moving one." - Mundie Moms

"Who I Kissed was a powerful, heart wrenching book full of emotions" - Bewitched Bookworms



"A thought-provoking YA about class divides and prejudices and how appearances can be far from the truth. Readers will easily empathize with the main characters, while some of the secondary cast have compelling stories of their own. " 

- RT Book Reviews-

IF I TELL By Janet Gurtler

"This book was a roller-coaster of emotions...I absolutely fell in love with the story, the characters, all the feelings I felt, and the writing. I'll definitely be checking out Janet Gurtler's other works."

- The Magic Attic


(writing as J.E. MacLeod)

"...The topics presented--questioning life choices, teen relationships, drinking, sex and suicide--are real issues faced by many teens. A good solid choice to offer readers who enjoy sports fiction or light romance"

-Voice of Youth Advocates”

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